Make a Donation

We, along with our partner UNICEF are grateful for every donation made, regardless of the amount. Below is a list of how your donation will help children in desperate need. We thank
you for your donation.
  • $84 could help provide 16,800 water purification tablets, each able to create up to five litres of clean drinking water.
  • $133 could help provide 253 sachets of Plumpy’Nut®, a therapeutic peanut paste, to help save the lives of two children.
  •  $311 could help provide a School-in-a-Box kit so 40 children can continue their education.
  • $500 could help provide 1,000 emergency food rations for children and their families impacted by crisis
  • $1,000 could help provide 14 families with an emergency Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene kit
  • $5,000 could provide training on early essential newborn care and basic emergency obstetric and newborn care to 80 health workers
  • $6,220 could provide 20 school in a carton kits each supporting 40 students to continue learning in a crisis
  • $7,760 could establish a climate-resilient rural water catchment for one Timorese community to ensure they have access to water year-round, even in the dry season
  • $10,000 could provide 80 children aged 4-5 with access to early learning opportunities
  • $10,000 could provide 107 hygiene and dignity kits for those affected by a crisis
  • $15,000 could provide the 3-week training needed for 60 new Village Health Assistants to gain the skills and knowledge they need to promote maternal newborn
    and child health in their communities
  • $15,000 could provide more than 30,000 emergency food rations for children and their families impacted by a crisis